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Do not expect to meet many teenage girls that want to sext here

Do not expect to meet many teenage girls that want to sext here

I guess we all remember Craigslist and why it got shut down. Yet it is time to move on, and despite the fact that we all miss Craigslist Personal section, Doublelist is another alternative to Craigslist that claims to be worth your time.

I’m here, as usual, to break down an honest review to this platform and test is it that good as promised.

Doublelist personals was launched in 2018, not that long after Craiglist had to shut down the personal section due to the sex traffic charges. Doublelist gained popularity very fast, and there was no doubt that this platform is now a hit among hookup websites for straight, gays, and anyone else who would register to seek and find casual fun right away.


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Doublelist website is free, so it stands out among other free sex hookup sites that are similar to Craigslist Personals but always have some hidden subscriptions. But not all free stuff is great, I think you’ll agree with me on that.

Free Services

The Doublelist com website is free for all the registered members. With that, you can post your feed posts and attach photos to it. Keep in mind that all users are allowed to post 2 posts per day with 4 photos to each. See, free, yet limited. You can participate in chat groups and leave comments. Web camera blogs and hot or cold games are also there to entertain you.

Paid Services

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Since you don’t have to pay for the Doublelist service, you can access it as any other user and participate in any possible activity, and blah, blah, blah. You need to follow the rules that the website has. Otherwise, you will be banned from it right away. I take it as a good sign, and in my terms, that means that all the creeps would need to behave.

Audience Quality

Even though it seems that Doublelist has over 40 million users worldwide, the actual users in the USA are not that active, nor they are easy to approach. In reality, there is maybe the a quarter of the 40 million number who are in the USA and seem to be active members.

Age Distribution

To join the platform, you have to be 18 years old. The majority of users are in their 30s and 40s but you can find all age groups. On the other hand, this is not an application for much older people per se, as the free cougar dating app, for instance.

Fakes and Scammers

It seems that it is challenging for scammers to create an account as they would need to use verified phone numbers, and the system won’t accept virtual phone numbers, only real ones. However, I detected a few weird profiles and reported them right away. You can do the same by flagging the suspicious profiles green singles for further reconsideration in the next 24 hours.


The design is simple and gives a 90s’ vibe, but it is easy to navigate. If you have never tried websites like this before, don’t worry, you will feel confident with your choices.

Signing up

In order to register at Doublelist, you need to provide your phone number because the verification will come through the phone call. As I said before, you can’t use any prepaid numbers to register at Doublelist. On the other hand, no email or social media links required to set up an account.


As a member, you are allowed to post up to two posts per day with a maximum of four photos per post. For my huge disappointment, a lot of users don’t attach photos to their posts which is a bummer. But I’m sure some of you are totally okay with that.


You can search through eleven different categories on the website, some of the most popular are straight people, couples, and the LGBTQ+ community. The website is not open to the transgender community at all, and that puts Doublelist below any other Craigslist alternatives.

Receiving and sending out messages is free because the platform is free, remember? It is all formed in ads reply. To negotiate contact and a possible hookup, you need to reply to the ad of a stranger or a couple who are looking for someone

Mobile App

There is no mobile app for Doublelist, yet you can access the website through your smartphone browser. I find it not very convenient as a true Millennial. I can accept the old-school design, but the mobile app is a must for me. For instance, Pure works in a similar way. It also has ads instead of profiles, and the chic design will make your user experience even spicier.

I personally use it quite often and my favorite thing about the app is its users. They are straightforward and active. The minute you enter the app and post your ad (plain text and maybe a photo), you will see people who are in your area and online right now. I don’t wait a couple of hours or days before someone will finally remember that they have that app and check their messages. Not here. With Pure you get real-time members who are usually moving it fast. Meaning, if I entered the platform in the afternoon, I would most likely have a date the same night. Nice, right?

Security and Privacy

Since to get an account at Doublelist, you need to use your phone number, I would say that the platform should be secure and have a low percentage of the fake accounts or scammers because none of those wants to be that visible. But in my personal experience, I detected a few weird profiles after like 20 minutes on the website. So just for safety’s sake, I would be extra careful with personal information. Feeling suspicious about any user? Block and report them. Once they get caught – Doublelist will ban them without the option to use the same number ever again.

Hookup chance

There are nearly 40 million users worldwide who are registered at Doublelist, yet it seems not that easy to hook up like it was back when Craigslist Personals was still alive. But since the platform is free of charge, it is worth trying. Do not be surprised if it takes longer than you’ve expected. If you want it fast, choose Pure. Like I said, a bunch of users who are looking to meet someone online and move offline sooner rather than later.

Matching algorithm

The Doublelist does not have any particular matching algorithm rather than a simple search engine that can help you to narrow down your search to a certain area.


Doublelist seems to be a good Craigslist alternative yet not the best. I did more research for the best possible alternatives for Craigslist, and I got 3 more platforms that are similar to Craigslist Personals and have a high chance of a hookup.

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