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Hair supplement usually take time to work, but Nutrafol seemed faster to me than others

Hair supplement usually take time to work, but Nutrafol seemed faster to <a href=""><img decoding="async" src="" alt="local hookup near me Melbourne"></a> me than others

That’s why I’m surprised it didn’t work better for you, by this time. My advice is to continue to use it for at least 1-2 months, but only if you afford it.

If you don’t, switch to a cheaper alternative like Folexin, my top recommended product. In my case, it had about the same results as Nutrafol – but its price was almost 4 times lower. That’s why I prefer Folexin to Nutrafol, as I couldn’t afford paying $90 on a supplement every month.

I was also looking into Viviscal and Folexin, but I decided to see what Nutrafol can do since it’s the priciest

PS: Your hair loss could be caused by aging, but there are some other possible causes. Try to investigate because finding the actual cause is the first step to get your hair back. Hope this helps.

My husband used Nutrafol without any results. He’s got a bald scalp and the hair left is really thin. He’s been on Nutrafol for several months, which was an extra expense for us, but we chose it because it looked the best one. We have contacted the company and have been told that the product does not grow new hair! It was kind of frustrating, since this isn’t mentioned anywhere, they only give out lots of promises. Given that hair loss is a very emotional issue, no wonder they have so many buyers…

Most official websites have this kind of page, and you can find an answer to all these questions there

I’m just disappointed at their lack of honesty. If you’re looking for a supplements that actually GROWS hair, don’t buy Nutrafol, it’s not effective. Maybe you have some better recommendations on that, something me and my husband can afford.

Hey Meg, thanks for this experience with Nutrafol. You’re right – this supplement doesn’t grow new hair, but it doesn’t even claim to. I just checked the official website once again and there’s no sign of this kind of promises. Maybe you bought it from a different place, but I couldn’t read anything about growing new hair.

So my advice is to take a better look and deeply research a product you plan to buy. Sometimes this can save you a lot of money.

Both are designed for male hair loss, have a lot of positive reviews online and about the same price. The only difference is that Procerin costs $50 for foam + pills, while Follixin costs $50 just for the pills. Also, Follixin charges $25 for shipping even in the US, so the overall expenses are higher.

So if you’re looking for the cheaper alternative, I recommend Procerin. You can actually get just the pills, which is about $27 per bottle (pretty cheap).

I haven’t tried this product myself, as I never deal with bald spots. Plus, it’s designed for male hair loss – so I don’t know how relevant it would have been. But as I said, I found a lot of praises about it online – and its formula is really good too.

Hi there and many thanks for this honest review. I’ve been following your blog because I have a temporary hair loss due to stress. I researched several products and finally decided to buy Nutrafol. I’m just in need of an advice about the exact type I should buy. I’m 27 and my dermatologist says my hair is falling out because of my stressful lifestyle both at home and at work and that’s 100% possible. Well do you think I should go for the regular female version or the plus one (for menopause)? You say you used the plus one even though you’re not at menopause, just because it has some higher dosages. Do you think there’s any risk if I buy that one too? I’m thinking about side effects or maybe hormonal issues?

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